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DH rant.

Read on spoil_me_dh:

xena2001de I hope she is not lucky! With this shit she produced. Every fiction writer can do better! (link)

ikiningyo That's a bit harsh. I've read quite a lot of fanfic and chicklit that was a lot worse. But every writer who's had so many years of experience should be able to write better, I admit. (link)

I think I agree with both. On one hand, the Pit of Voles has plenty of stuff that's worse. OTOH, this is a woman who's getting paid 2394820384 million dollars for the writing of a 7-book series that as conceived doesn't seem to have had a well-planned ending.

The first three or four books were full of "mysteries" that actually made sense within the context of the individual books. In one, you knew there was a Philosopher's Stone; in two, you knew about the Chamber of Secrets; in three, you knew about Sirius' escape and that something was effed up about Scabbers. In four, there was a bit more of a jump, but the cut-scenes with Voldemort and Wormtail made the fake-Moody story more believable.

In five, you get prophecies and veils and Umbridge and things, and while not all of it was something you might have foreseen from reading the book straight-through, it seemed (to me, at least) logical within the universe JKR created for HP. Some of the storylines seemed nonsensical, but overall it made sense. Sirius' death? Maybe written as something of an afterthought, given how important it was to Harry and how little page-time it got, but moving. And visible.

In six, you've got Slug Clubs and Ministers who look like lions and DEs attacking Hogwarts and mysterious quests with Dumbledore and ridiculous relationships that are frankly a little too pat for my taste and IMO entirely too much time spent on Tom Riddle's antecedents (given what comes later) and attacks in a somehow-deserted Astronomy Tower a teacher seems likely to live in (if that teacher's rooms are like almost every other teacher's rooms in the school). But you've still got the same characters acting (with the exception of their love interests) acting like they're pretty much supposed to. The storyline might be a bit farfetched in places, but it's more or less internally consistent. It seems like, in retrospect, book six was well-founded on the rest of the series.

Book seven? Apparently we can do away with most of book 6. Tonks and Lupin? Not all that important. Horcruxes? Not all that important. The Deadly Hallows? Totally unforeshadowed in the entire series, IMO, and as such totally ridiculous. Character deaths all over the place with IMO very little point to them. Characters who were brought forward as Someone Who Is Important die off-screen with a more-or-less passing mention. Hell, some of the deaths don't even make sense in the framework of the story, they seem utterly pointless, as they're either characters who haven't had more than a bit part in the series for books and books; or they just seem extraneous. Some of the methods of death seem like stretches (Snape/Nagini--because you know Snape wouldn't have ever been prepared to be poisoned, being paranoid, cranky, and a Potions professor in addition to being the best double agent evah and Voldy's right-hand man; Wormtail and his silver hand of d00m). Some of them skew the 'justice' concept of the series all to hell and back and as such are simply unbelievable--Neville having nothing to do with Bellatrix; Lupin having nothing to do with Wormtail; Molly killing Bellatrix.

Maybe it's me, but the fanfic-ish feel of "making all your most-personally-loved characters come out of things smelling like roses because having them actually kill someone would be OMG not nice" smacks of self-serving idiocy. (much like in movie!OotP where Hermione suddenly apparently didn't mean to hand Umbridge over to the centaurs and didn't call them 'horses') Too many Mary-Sue-ish qualities being handed out like sparkly little crowns (nice job on that Parseltongue Ron, even though you might have been the worst student at Hogwarts evah but for Hermione's help). Too many plot holes, plot devices that seem to have been abandoned, too many new additions that make the first-in-the-series books almost irrelevant.

Not enough evidence of the rest of the series building to this, IMO. The seventh book shouldn't be this much of an entirely new book. I barely recognized long-time characters, and the addition of the DH simply didn't make any sense to me; weren't the Horcruxes enough of a challenge?




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Jul. 21st, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)
I was extremely unimpressed. Fortunately, I have almost nothing invested in the idea that the series is well-written.

TCW is not DH-compliant because I was sure DH was going to be full of fail. I was right.
Jul. 22nd, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)
Word. Parts of it? Not so bad. The overall idea of the Hallows? Introduced much too late in the series--book 7 of 7 ought to be a wrapping-up, not a complicating-times-seventeenhundred. That being said? Really liked the bit in the forest with Mum, Dad, Sirius, and Lupin. (But I guess when you start off with the idea that Bill/Fleur, Remus/Tonks, and Harry/Ginny are all superfluous, the book was going to suck at least a quarter of the way before it even got started.)

You ought to grab Trelawney's job, your predictions are much less sucky. lol

In all honesty, I'm sort of glad I got spoiled for it before I read it. It made the whole thing much less traumatic than it could have been.
Jul. 22nd, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)
To be fair, there were things that were quite good. The Ministry and Gringott's were easily the best parts of the book for me. Also, Neville rocked my world.

I was totally wtf with bringing the Hallows in that late. Bad author! Bad! You put so many other guns on the table early (and didn't resolve a lot of them). The Hallows felt like cheating.

I'm glad I read the carpet book early too.
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