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(cross-posted at arlington daily photo)

Collage #2. Pictures of the Shenandoah Valley taken from the northernmost 7 miles of Skyline Drive, on 17 November. Skyline Drive runs along Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains; its starting point in Front Royal is 1 hour west of Arlington. Again, click on thumbnails for larger images.

Happy Thanksgiving (to all you US-of-A-Americans out there), or alternatively, Happy Thursday (to everyone who doesn't feel the need to celebrate a "holiday" honoring olden-days people who probably smelled awful, what with all the wearing scratchy wool and not bathing and stuff, sharing a likely fictional meal with native Americans soon to be dispossessed of their land, culture, and sometimes their lives (beginning a centuries-long genocidal American "tradition" whose repercussions are still felt today). Don't get me wrong, I <3 history. I just think Thanksgiving is ridiculous and Hallmark-y. The "thanks" part works for me, it's just the hale-hearty-Pilgrim crap I can do without. But hey, to each their own. Feel free to tape up pictures of turkeys and smiling pilgrims all over your windows, my Mom does it every year. It makes her happy. That's not a bad thing.)

Anyway. Happy Day. Pass the gravy and get out of the way, football is on and I can't see the game while you're standing in front of me.

And Liza--proof. I did make the pie. From scratch.


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Nov. 24th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
Aww, pretty reddish leaves!

And that pie looks nice. Happy something day!
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