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things, stuff, and other things.

and other stuff.

17 November
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(formerly darkwitch666)

writing journal: animagus1369

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If I friended you, either you wrote/drew something cool, or I'm stalking you. I'll leave it for you to decide, and to friend back if you want. It's not personal, it's livejournal. Or maybe it IS personal. mwaahaaaHAAAAaA*coughchokecough*

This journal contains adult content. Because, you know, I'm an adult. At least, most of the time.

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thoughtcr1me on LJ
darkwitch666 on JF
DarkWitch on SQ
Dark Witch on RS.org

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Journey's End - FINISHED
part i
part ii
part iii
part iv

The "Home" Trilogy (NC-17) - FINISHED
One: Home is Where the Heart Is
Two: Home Free
Three: Fly Away Home

Something Wonderful (Marauders-era, NC-17)
something wonderful part i
something wonderful part ii
something wonderful part iii
something wonderful part iv

Pensieve Mood (summer after OotP, NC-17)
pensieve mood chapter one: introductions and explanations
pensieve mood chapter two: old friends meeting

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